Billie Eilish – Bad Girl

Original Pornstar: LittleAngel


Description: New video with the model in res 192 instead of the old res 144. But it not as good as previous.

Unfortunately, GAN was a mistake (it made some flickering, gray spots and dots instead of details and sharpness), but it didn’t retrain it again because it took too long.

It already took an unreasonable huge amount of time to produce. At first I tried to make a blowjob scene (which I eventually cut out), but it turned out horrible (not in terms of glitches, but too smooth cheeks, etc., as there are no sucking frames in src. It was unnatural and didn’t look like Billie).

Also, there were a couple of tricky places in the video with the hands overlapping her face, so there are some artifacts (even ebSynth did not help).

I’m planning two more Billie Eilish videos. With the bodies with boobs. There are 2 suitable models, one of them is more similar, but her ears ruin everything (but I will still try).

For moderators: Video created only with adult 18 y.o Billie Eilish dataset. As source used video from Grammy 2020. Likn to dataset in description of my previous video.

For some stranger reasons download link become broken if i set 0 tokens cons. So, now it costs 1 token. Hope it works now.

Actors: Billie Eilish
Category: Cumshot, POV, Straight Sex

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