DFL Model test DF-D vs DF-UD, Masked Training, Default Masks vs XSeg.

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Description: Watch Maisie get swapped 5 times, it’s like gangbang except it’s just another fucking model testing and god did I fucked up here because the results are still inconclusive.
The idea here was to again compare D to UD but then I got side tracked and decided to test variants of masked training being enabled (I’m running this on modded DFL so I can use it with Full Face models, you can only switch it with WF) and also using xseg and default masks to see if there is much difference and I can safely say that??? There isn’t? At least I can’t tell for certain which one looks better. I also tested style power being on or off with UD but I’ve made mistake of doing extra training with SP being off on a model that had SP set at 0.1 before so it didn’t forget this data and thus result of the no SP are basically identical to the test with SP set to 0.1.

All in all having SP enabled does fix lighting somewhat but it’s nothing major.

D seems to be coming out sharper than UD even if I gave UD more training time and higher on average batch size.

No difference in face shape (all were merged with Xseg-prd) between having trained model with XSeg or default masks, also no effect on how face looks.

Masked training does seems to change something about how face look however, hard to describe, if you watch the still frames at the end pay attention to the difference in face shape as well as color matching and light direction, with masked training being disabled face has much more even lighting, in some cases it looks better and matches DST more (1st picture) but in other cases face seems to be lit in places where DST is not (3rd picture).

I think for best results in this case one would use DF-D model, run style power with masked trainign enabled and maybe use XSeg that masks closer to eyebrows… Guess that’s another thing to test out.

BTW, if you guys want me to upload these short clips in better quality/better done and without all the text just let me know, otherwise I’ll be making something else for an actual release

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Actors: Maisie Williams
Category: POV, Straight Sex

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