Ellie records a vid for Dina

Original Pornstar: Miss Ellie


Description: This is the first deepfake I made that I think it’s decent enough for an upload… Can’t wait to improve on this and create actual good content. Hope you enjoy it anyway. Any feedback is welcome btw, I don’t know if the problems with her eyes and in the end are because of my model, or because of my DST, or if my SCR is a bit too wobbly because of the bad quality of the original vid… So any pointers in the right direction will be super welcome!
Original vid: https://pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5cbbaa1e52c14
Comped in After Effects to match grain and artifacts from original vid
resolution: 128
face_type: f
archi: df
ae_dims: 256
e_dims: 64
d_dims: 64
d_mask_dims: 16
lr_dropout: f
random_warp: t
gan_power: 0.0
true_face_power: 0.0
face_style_power: 0.0
bg_style_power: 0.0
clipgrad: t
eyes_prio: t
Category: Cartoon, Masturbation

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