Gal Gadot long fuck

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Description: SFW deepfakes are gaining traction and people are making some money from that. Guys with patreon are making $150+ per month, while here I have received less than $2 in donations, and that’s from a single donation. To whoever that person is, thank you.
I do not do personal fakes, so please do not ask me about that. There are some very good guys here that actually do personal fakes, I’m just not one of them.
If you want a fake of a certain celebrity that nobody will make, because she’s perhaps not so well known, or because she’s only famous in a certain country or something similar, send a donation my way and I’ll do something with her.
If not, then I will be slowing my posts down. There are some other guys here that do a good job and that are willing to spend countless hours working for free. I’m just not willing to do that anymore.
I hope that you enjoy his video. It’s fairly long, and it took a while to get it done more or less properly.
Actors: Gal Gadot
Category: Straight Sex

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