Katy Perry is GIanna Michaels- Feeding Frenzy #9 60fps

Original Pornstar: Gianna Michaels


Description: Upgraded QTGMC 60fps SD clip used as the source material to see how it performs. My. Oh. My. Performs well. There’s a big library of early to mid 2000s pornstars that become available and 60fps really adds to the look of the clip.

Katy’s a tough one as you need magnificent boobs to make it believable. Enter Gianna. A bit thick for Katy and face is not as long as Katy’s, but the boobs. This clip is also nice and nasty with a heavy about of tit job action, spit, swallows, etc.

Wait until you see Scarlett Johansson in this clip…….

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Actors: Katy Perry

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