Kira Nerys (Nana Visitor) plays with herself

Original Pornstar:


Description: Here’s a deepfake of a Star Trek character, Kira Nerys. Everyone’s favourite Bajoran from Deep Space Nine! She’s played in the show by Nana Visitor. Probably best recognizable by the ridges on her nose, as all Bajorans on the show have.

The original video is of a girl who cosplays Kira, so this time she even has the Bajoran earring. Her name is Moximinx.

She plays with a big flesh-colored dildo. During the video she farts a couple of times after she inserts the dildo into her ass. After that, she switches to a smaller dildo and plays around a little bit with that. In the end she gets a bowl of some kind of fake cum and covers herself with it. She also puts some of it in her ass and then pushes it out. The parts where she puts the stuff on her face unfortunately weren’t too usable for the deepfake.

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