Margot Robbie- LuxuryGirl Mile High Club (448 res, Adabelief)

Original Pornstar: LuxuryGirl


Description: Margot Robbie as a brunette — 448 res, Adabelief clip.

Adabelief is KING! I’ll be phasing out of LRD training. 8gb card can handle 320 res, 6 batch with adabelief and the results look great. Wait until you see the Cara Delavigne clip I’ll post tomorrow in 320 res and Margot at 448 res will tag along with it. Both look great, both a leap above LRD. The profile for the cumshot is 10x better than the same clip on LRD.

So nice to see DFL advancing like this. Kudos to iperov for making all of our dreams come true.

Actors: Margot Robbie
Category: Straight Sex

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