Not Anya Taylor-Joy giving a head (part 1) #5

Original Pornstar:


Description: Part 1 of 2.

I stumbled upon this scene some time ago and I knew I had to do Anya with it but upon checking it out I realised just how bad it was, not that the scene is bad in itself, it’s fine, some angles are decent but alot are not, the biggest offender is lighting, this scene was much longer (this is just all BJ scenes from it, sex will be in part 2) but I had to cut out a lot in the post since most of it looked bad, I kept the first scene that starts off bad but next scene has much better lighting so it looks good, the sex in part 2 is mostly like the latter part of this video so it should be much better and my model won’t have to deal with training so many drastically different looking faces of the dst due to lighting differences. You can skip the first part of this video and go to 2:47 where good stuff is 🙂

If you guys like it (wait till the part 2 with your judgment) then this pornstar might have more better scenes I’ll be willing to do.

Also if this one (and part 2 – preview) get enough donations I will be making Beth Harmon cosplay scene so make it rain if you want to see that!

Coming up next: Emilia Clarke and Emma Watson (both free full videos) + commissions

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Actors: Anya Taylor-Joy
Category: Blowjob, POV

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