not janet rose (xchocobars) pov fuck 1

Original Pornstar: Clara Trinity


Description: This video was made with the Facemagic app for android/ios. I don’t have a GPU of any sort and I don’t know how to use DFL etc. It’s just a 1-tap deepfake using the porn clip and 1 image of the celebs face. All the processing done on app servers. The bj scenes give bad results sometimes as shown in this video, but most other scenes work well. It costs money to upload your own clips.

With this app you can only do a 15 second clip. So I split up the vid into 15 second segments and uploaded them all separately, and then stitched them back together. The app devs said they’ll increase it to 30 seconds soon. They don’t seem to mind about using the app for nsfw stuff at all. I’ll make a forum post about my method for longform videos.

It only outputs in 720p and comes out quite compressed so I used topaz video enhance ai to upscale it and recover some detail. It works really well and I highly recommend video enhance ai to any Facemagic users. It’s expensive but you can just reset the free trial with a burner email.

If you like these clips (I have a couple more vids of this janet/clara combo on the way) send me a BTC dono:


If you want me to run another celeb’s face over this or any of my other clips, send me a DM and I’ll get around to it sometime, probably faster if you donate 😉

Actors: xChocoBars

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