Scarlett Johansson – Black Widow Gone Bad DM to buy 9 minute 54 second video

Original Pornstar: Ellie Idol


Description: Note: Still not taking custom requests for a while.

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You’re back home from a bar where you ran into Black Widow and think you’re about to score with her. She dangles a pair of handcuffs and you’re excited to play along. After you’re cuffed, she reveals she once was a bad girl but wanting to redeem herself, she joined the Avengers to help save the world. Being a goody-goody was dull, so now she’s back to bad. Her bracelets are not only coated in venom but carry an electric shock as well. She takes her “bites” to your cock and pierces it. You begin to swell, so she hops on for a ride. She begins to shock your body excitedly, getting closer to cumming with every twitch inside of her. After she orgasms, your time is up! One final shock to the heart.

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